Responsible Gambling


responsible gamblingOur position as host is taken with at most importance as every of our estates has a strong responsibility program under them. Our obligation in this place emulates our international activities with the top-notch standards used to bulwark every community under the care of responsible gambling. We work with the local professional and aid agencies to make sure we have the required resources for the sake of minimization and prevention.

Staff Training

We offer a thorough and complete training and induction concerning responsible acts that alcohol served, problems associated with gambling awareness as well as responsible gambling promotion.

Minimizing and Prevention Gambling Harmresponsible gambling

The safety and well-being of those clients affected by gambling negatively is number one on our list that’s why we work closely with organizations that help those affected by gambling.

In every of our casinos, we have information details pertaining to exclusion alternatives as well as referrals such as gambling supportive organizations as well as toll-free help lines.

Promotions Safe and Fun Gaming Environs

We have regulations that are meant to keep under-age individuals from accessing the casinos in relation to the local legislation for instance in New Zealand under 20 aged are under age. We also have tight security watching out for abusive and threatening clients or customers that have the intent of causing trouble.

Those intoxicated individuals are prevented from accessing our premises.

Suspicious customers such as those thought to be loan sharking as well as involving themselves unwanted activities in are required to leave.

We promote a fully hygienic environment.

Gambling Problem Symptoms

responsible gamblingIt’s universally accepted that not even an expert can recognize a gambler that has a problem just by looking at him or her; however, it is very important that every patron has a knowledge of the common warning symptoms. The signs include, and mind you they are not limited to:

Putting gambling first before paying bills.

Having insomnia over sleep.

Having a depression or having suicidal thoughts over gambling.

Simple Test for Gambling

Answer this three questions and know if you are a gambling addict or not:-

  • In the past twelve months have you been restless, anxious or irritable when trying to quit gambling?
  • Have disclosed your gambling patterns to your friends and family for the past one year?
  • In the past year have you experience any financial related problem that you had to get help from family or friends?


To get effective and informative help check your local community as well as the local casinos websites.

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