Privacy Policy


Online Casino is committed to respecting visitor’s privacy and that for customers on our online casino site. Our site recognizes the need to protect sensitive information that is collected from users. The privacy policy was created to explain how the site retrieves, stores, and uses information provided by customers through the site. All sensitive information on the site is protected by the data protection act of New Zealand.


You automatically accept the terms and conditions of the privacy policy once you use our site. It means that our site has the right to access and use your personal information but only as the privacy policy prescribes. As the customer, you are free to stop using our site if you are not comfortable with how the site uses your information as explained by the privacy policy.

It should be noted that our site reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any given time. by continuing to use our site, you accept the new terms of the privacy policy. However, in the event of any policy changes, you will be notified by email, letter, or a post on the casino site.


A cookie is a text file that contains information about you and your device that is stored on your computer and can be used to provide information needed by the user on a regular basis. Cookies are used to save website login information and website customizations so the website can know your identity. They can also be used to customize the experience users get from a certain website, provide personalized offers and give important information on the performance of the website.

Cookies on our website are used for the following purposes:

  • To give the customer a full experience of the casino
  • To recognize existing customers and enable them to log in their accounts easily.
  • To collect important information on the performance of the website to allow us to improve our service
  • To understand how you are navigating through our website to allow us to customize it to be better.
  • To ensure the marketing activity being used is relevant to you. It will ensure we only show you the most relevant offers on our site and others.

You should note that we might work with third-party cookies used by external advertising networks to collect information on your preferences. It will help us customize your offers and adverts.

An IP address is a number that identifies your computer uniquely on the internet. Our site may collect IP addresses for the purpose of system administration, troubleshooting, security, and compiling aggregate information. Our servers may log your IP address when you log into particular web pages on our site. The IP address information will ensure that we improve the service in your local currency to give you the best user experience.


Information disclosed in a public area of the site is public information and users should exercise caution when deciding whether to disclose personal information. If you disclose your information voluntarily, the information can be collected and used by a third-party to send you advertisements, unsolicited emails, and other things. We do not control these third-parties and any information you disclose is done at your own risk.


We take the security of your information very seriously. Although we take reasonable steps to ensure that your information is safe and secure, we are not responsible for anything that happens if people gain unauthorized access to information on the site or abuse our services. We make no warranty that we will prevent such access.


We may use your information but will inform you if we want to use them for marketing purposes. We will provide you with marketing materials and a means for you to decline to receive those materials.


We might share information in the event of a corporate transaction of the company ar any company within the group. In the event of this happening, the acquiring company will resume rights and obligations described in the privacy policy.


Our privacy policy does not extend to minors.