Playing at the casino, whether real play or for fun constitutes the player or member’s agreement to be bound by these written terms and conditions. By playing, the player accepts that this is a binding agreement between them and the casino and is the sole agreement governing the relationship between the player and the casino excluding all other statements, agreements, and representations.

The following terms and conditions provided govern the use of our online casino and website:


All website content and software found on the website is copyrighted. All licensed material presented visually or audibly to the player is only for personal use and remains to be the intellectual property of the casino and its licenses. Players shall not acquire any right to part of or all of the licensed materials except the right to use them as per this agreement.


All No Deposit Bonuses are subject to the following terms and conditions unless stated otherwise.

  • The bonus must be wagered at least 30 times and 60 times for all allowed table games and video poker.
  • Players cannot redeem multiple free bonuses consecutively. Once you redeem one No Deposit Bonus and get an offer for a second one, a real-money deposit must be made for you to be able to redeem the second No Deposit Bonus.
  • All No Deposit Bonuses follow the maximum withdrawal limits and wager requirements stated above.
  • If you meet the wager requirements and make a withdrawal, any amount over the maximum withdrawal limit will be removed from your balance, and you will not have the ability to withdraw the funds.
  • If you:

a) Use your bonus to obtain a feature guarantee or guarantees

b) Use bonus rounds and a deposit to redeem built-up feature bonus rounds

The winnings from the bonus rounds shall render all other winnings void, and you will not get a refund of the deposit.


If a player chooses to use a promotion or bonus, it is the player’s responsibility to ensure they meet any applicable Playthrough requirements before they request for withdrawal. Failure to meet the requirements will result in denial of the withdrawal request.

Redeeming multiple promotions

You may not combine or mix bonuses or promotions. Doing so may make your casino winnings get removed when you want to withdraw. Ensure you only use one bonus at a time. You are not allowed to redeem additional coupons if you have a pending withdrawal or existing balance unless the casino management indicates otherwise.


Entry to tournaments

  • Tournament entries must be paid using a player’s cash balance.
  • Free chips or No Deposit Bonuses may not be used to enter the tournament unless specifically implied in the No Deposit Bonus terms and conditions.
  • You may not use cashback credits to enter slot tournaments.
  •  Anny tournament winnings will be voided if the entry was paid for with a No Deposit Bonus.

Tournament Prizes

Tournament prizes that are won are added to the player’s cash balance and are considered to be cash.

Tournament credits

  • Tournament credits shall be allocated for the duration of the tournament at the beginning of the tournament.
  • The winner is the player remaining with the highest number of credits at the end of the tournament.
  • Tournament credits are not valid outside the tournament games and cannot be transferred to your casino balance.
  • Tournament credits are different from your casino balance and may not be withdrawn from the casino.

Password restricted tournaments

Some tournaments need a password for them to be unlocked. These passwords are provided to players exclusively by the casino. Passwords and subsequent entries gained using passwords not obtained from the casino will not be regarded as valid, and the winnings will be voided. Players who use passwords not sent by the casino risk having their casino accounts banned.

Password restricted tournaments with a coupon code entry requirement

If players did not use the coupon code and obtain the password from the casino, they are not eligible to enter the tournament or any winnings in the restricted tournament. Any winnings from an invalid entry will be voided and the player risks having their casino account banned.


Any winnings from settled bets shall be credited to your account and withdrawn by our withdrawal policy and upon provision of valid identification to our satisfaction.

Your winnings may be credited to the credit card or debit card account that was used to place the deposit if the card issuer permits it. Bank wire and cheque will only be issued in the name of the registered cardholder and will be deposited in the account that was used to make the deposit.

All bank charges shall be reimbursed by you, and the casino site can deduct and offset the foregoing from the winnings or your account.


All bonuses, promotions or special offers are subject to the general website terms and conditions. They are also subject to any promotion-specific terms and conditions that might be introduced in conjunction with the general promotional terms and conditions of the site.


You agree to fully indemnify the site, its employees, shareholders, directors, officers, distributors, licensees, affiliates, agents and subsidiaries for any damage, loss or claim arising from your use of the website, downloading and installing the software, betting and other use of the services, information, software and any reason of breach of the site terms and conditions and the house betting rules.


Betting is your option, judgment, risk, and discretion. By betting, you acknowledge that you d not find the services of the website to be offensive, unfair, indecent or objectionable. Some legal jurisdictions have not yet addressed the legality of online gambling, and others have made it illegal. We do not intend the site to be used in jurisdictions where it is illegal.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit or exclude the site’s liability for:

  • Personal injury or death caused by the site’s negligence
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation or fraud
  • Any liability that cannot be limited or excluded under applicable law.

Therefore, you acknowledge that the information provided is solely for reference and does not constitute solicitation or advice. The information is not the subject of and will not constitute the basis of warranty, binding representation, reliance or contractual obligation on your part.


The site reserves the right to void any winnings and forfeit the balance in your account, terminate the agreement, suspend the provision of services, or deactivate your account if they have reasonable reasons.


Player complaints are taken seriously, and they allow us to learn from our mistakes. There are two complaint procedures you can follow.

  • First level: making a complaint

If you have a complaint or experience difficulty with the service, first raise your complaint with our customer service team that is always available by telephone, email or online chat.

  • Second level: referring a complaint

It is for players located in Great Britain only.


If you are still dissatisfied with our service, you can raise your concerns with Site that is an independent third party arbitration service. We are obliged to cooperate and support their investigation and comply with any ruling made.

However, Site only deals with customers who have exhausted the complaints procedure with us and will refer you back if they feel like you did not give us adequate time to solve your issue.